Thursday, February 5, 2009

Je voudrais passer ma vie dans tes bras

Now, I'm not going to lie...this is the best thing I've ever seen. You can really never go wrong with 80's 'punk rock' videos from France. The lead singer has a mullet, everyone looks like they were dressed by Casey (in other words, lots of animal prints and tight pants and other 80's gear), a guy drinks milk and it spews out from holes in his body, they parody Psycho, and for a millisecond at the very end someone pretending to have been shot humps the ground. The best part of all is something I cannot show you, as alas there is no online video for the scene toward the end of J'embrasse pas (I Don't Kiss) where the pimp kidnaps the male prostitute who is in love with one of his women, and makes everyone in the car sing along to "Petite Fille" by Les Wampas. It's the most absurd thing I've seen lately,(made more absurd by the horror that ensues after the scene) and pretty much all I do is watch absurd scenes in French movies, if that give you any indication. If I ever find the scene, I will post it. As for some fun facts about Les Wampas, they had a video directed by Michel Gondry in the early 90's (but I won't make you watch it) and they tried and failed to make the Eurovision contest in 2007, among other 'accomplishments'. And now, as Shiv would say, please to enjoy!

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  1. A few observations:

    That copstache is amazing. They believed SO whole-heartedly that the cop should have a moustache that even though they didn't have any friends with moustaches or the money for a fake one, they went with a sideburn from an old Elvis costume from 3 Halloweens ago.

    Is the shirtless guy wearing a fanny pack AND a calculator watch? A man after my own heart!

    They spent their $36 budget the best way they could, in my humble opinion.