Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You don't have to lie, we're on the same side

This entry is mainly for my one reader's benefit (logical, right?). A year or more ago I first heard of a band from England called The Mystery Jets. They looked like they were barely out of high school, had messed-up hairdos, and LOVED the 80's, clearly. I was sold immediately. The first song I heard was actually the video they did for a single from the their latest album, Twenty One, with Laura Marling (also recommended), called Young Love.

After falling in love with them, I dug up their previous album and the songs actually have a much more effortless and innocent feel. The video for Diamonds in the Dark is adorable and looks like my grandma made it, and it's also my favorite song by this band. Just to clear things up a bit I will say that the lead singer has health issues (hence crutches)and his dad used to be in the band and write the lyrics. This song's lyrics are so good, I almost miss the old dude.

But all truly great things can't remain a secret forever and thusly I must tell you that the Mystery Jets recently signed to Rough Trade and they must already be hard at work, as their song Two Doors Down was featured in a JcPenney ad during the Oscar telecast. I highly anticipate their first album with the esteemed label and I really don't expect them to let me down. Also, warning, this video and song are so unabashedly 80s-obsessed I fear that Casey herself directed it.

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